Injured Bats

If you have found an injured bat, please follow the advice below and call one of our bat carers immediately (Erica Dixon: (02921 152146/07969 626697) or Beth Evans (01685 376689/07527 049134). If you are not within the Valleys Bat Group area then please contact the Bat Conservation Trust on 0845 1300 228 who will be able to provide you with details of carers that live closer to you.

 You will need 

1)A shoe box or a container of similar size  (please ensure that it has air holes)

2) A cloth or tea towel

3) A small container for water (preferably a milk bottle top or plastic bottle lid)

Containing the bat

1) Carefully scoop up the bat and place it in the box using a cloth (you should not handle bats but if it is necessary, please ensure you wear gloves).

2) Put the a tea towel or cloth in the box for the bat to hide in

3) Place a few drops of water in the milk bottle lid (not too much so that the bat drowns). Make sure water is available to the bat at all times.

4) Place the box and the bat indoors where it is quiet, cool and dark

5) Call one of our bat carers as soon as possible