UK bats are faced with a number of threats, some of these threats include:

Building & development work
A number of bat species roost in buildings and can be threatened if they are present when works are carried out. If bats are disturbed during hibernation or times when baby bats are present, it can have serious consequences on bat populations.

Habitat loss/loss of insect prey

Bats make use of habitats such as woodlands, hedgerows and ponds, which in recent years are declining and fragmenting.Habitat loss, pesticide use and farming practices all affect the abundance of insects available for bats to eat. Climate change is also proving to influence the life cycle of insects, also affecting bats.

Cat attacks

Cats are intelligent and can often find out where bats are roosting and they will catch them as they wake up for a night of feeding. A cats saliva is full of bacteria, providing a high risk of infection. 

For more information about threats to bats, please visit the BCT website