About Us


- To further the knowledge of bat distribution and activity in the Group's area.
- To promote the conservation of bats and their habitat.
- To provide a forum for discussion on bat conservation issues.
- To improve public perception of bats.

There is currently a committee of 5 officers 2 non-elected, 3 elected. These members have specific roles and oversee the smooth running of the group. 

 Meet the Committee 

                            Geri Thomas (Chair and Records Officer)                                   Alison Jones (Treasurer and Membership Officer)                                                                                                                                     

         Erica Dixon (Training and Bat Care Officer)



                            Aislinn Harris (Secretary)                                            Beth Evans (Events & Social Media Officer)                            
The rest of the group is then made up of other members, individuals or groups that are interested in bats and bat conservation. The level of involvement is up to each individual, but ranges from attending group meetings to volunteering for surveys and events. The bat group also works closely with Local Planning Authority Ecologists that fall within the areas the bat group covers.